Wednesday, April 2, 2014

As May 1 Decision Day Approaches for High School Seniors, CollegeWeekLive Offers Expert Advice for Comparing College Financial Aid Packages

I got this timely email from the folks at CollegeWeekLIve.


As May 1 Decision Day Approaches for High School Seniors, CollegeWeekLive Offers Expert Advice for Comparing College Financial Aid Packages
For High School Juniors and Their Parents, is a Smarter Way to ‘Kick the Tires’ and Compare Colleges
Boston – April 8, 2014 — For high school seniors, the May 1 Decision Day for placing a deposit to reserve a spot in the class of 2018 at a college is fast approaching. For parents, the cost of a four-year college education, which may equal or exceed the cost of their home mortgage, begins with that confirmation deposit. Fortunately, two live presentations at CollegeWeekLive All Access on Thursday April 17th will help families better understand and compare college financial aid offer letters and even consider alternative financing options.
At 2:00 p.m. Eastern, Jeannie Borin, President of College Connections, and Jodi Okun, founder of College Financial Aid Advisors, will   discuss, “College Financial Aid Made Easy” at CollegeWeekLive, the popular website where more than a million students connect with colleges and admissions experts live online each year. Jeannie and Jodi have experience as a college admissions officer and college financial officer respectively, and both are respected bloggers on college admissions and financial aid for The Huffington Post.
At 5:00 p.m. Eastern, representatives from Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S Department of Education, will present “Financial Aid Advice from the U.S. Department of Education.” For parents who are trying to understand the difference between a Pell Grant and a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or the difference between a Perkins Loan, a Direct Stafford Loan and a Direct PLUS Loan, this session is must-see web TV.
For high school sophomore and juniors, CollegeWeekLive offers a smarter and cost-effective way to ‘kick the tires’ on colleges of interest, because this CollegeWeekLive All Access event will feature more than 170 colleges and universities, ranging from Bucknell University to NC State and UCLA. Students and their families can browse specific information on each higher education institution and chat live with admissions representatives and participate in video chats with schools such as the American University of Rome, Lawrence Tech University or Indiana Tech. Any student who logs in to CollegeWeekLive and virtually visits with three or more colleges is automatically eligible for a special drawing for a $2,500 scholarship.
If you are a student, parent or counselor you can register for CollegeWeekLive at no cost. To learn how your college or university can participate in CollegeWeekLive, contact 800.828.8222 or
CollegeWeekLive is the leading channel where students and colleges meet online. More than 1,500,000 students from 192 countries rely on CollegeWeekLive to help navigate college admission. This live channel provides unprecedented access to expert presentations and enables students to have unscripted conversations with hundreds of colleges.
Students turn to CollegeWeekLive to gain insights from current students, admission representatives, and leading experts, whether they are narrowing their choice of schools or making post admission decisions. Through live text and video chats, students, parents and counselors engage directly with colleges at every stage of the enrollment process with CollegeWeekLive.

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