Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TODAY - Students Considering a STEM major/career - CollegeWeek Live Virtual Fair

I got an email from the folks at CollegeWeek Live about a new Virtual College Fair for students interested in pursuing a STEM program.   It's going on today May 9th.

Release is below:



Interested in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math, aka STEM? Attend a Virtual College Fair May 9th at CollegeWeekLive to Learn More
College Admission Representatives and Students Available to Chat Live Online About STEM Majors at CollegeWeekLive
Needham — CollegeWeekLive, the leading channel where students and colleges meet online, today announced CollegeWeekLive STEM Day, an online college fair scheduled for Thursday May 9th from 2:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern. The virtual college admissions event offers high school students interested in science, technology, engineering, or math the opportunity to chat live online with admissions representatives and current colleges students who will be showcasing their institutions’ STEM majors and research opportunities.
For high school juniors beginning to consider college and future career options, CollegeWeekLive offers a convenient way to research higher education, and CollegeWeekLive STEM Day features live video presentations and interactive Q&A with presenters who will be sharing their personal experiences and expertise.
For example, Lauren Drell, a campaign editor at Mashable, will be discussing the wide variety of careers a STEM major might lead to, such as professional hacker or driver for Curiosity, NASA’s Mars rover that landed on the red planet in 2012. David Thielen, CTO and founder of Windward Studios will share his passion for coding and will describe the surprisingly collaborative nature of software development.
Please visit the CollegeWeekLive STEM Day agenda for the latest schedule of presentations, which currently includes:
All Times EDT
3:00 PM  From Aerospace Dev to Evangelist - A Quick Story of My Technical Walkabout, Dion Hutchings, Microsoft Technical Evangelist
There can more to being an engineer than just writing or testing code.  Dion will share his experiences entering the workforce as a software engineer for a military aerospace project, working with displays (HMI), radios and missiles, to delivering a fun presentation on new technologies in cloud and mobile app development to students, and lots of odd jobs in between.  Gain a different perspective on how your skills could translate to all corners of a business: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, R&D.
4:00 PM  The Coolest Jobs IN STEM, Lauren Drell, Campaigns Editor at Mashable
When one thinks of someone who codes, they may picture a person hunched over a laptop in a dark garage. But today, some of the most interesting and innovative careers require a background in science, technology, engineering and math.
5:00 PM  Why STEM Means Jobs, Brian Kelly, Editor and Chief Content Officer, U.S. News & World Report
STEM is a simple acronym for a complicated issue. Science, technology, engineering and math provide a starting point to think about course and career options that include everything from literal rocket science to new age manufacturing. As the world becomes more technology-driven every day, employers in industries ranging from software to health to retail are clamoring for graduates with even a basic understanding of STEM subjects.
6:00 PM  Juxtaposition: To Generalize or Specialize in IT, Neil Carter, Microsoft Technical Evangelist
Web, Server-Side, Application, Cloud Computing … Technology workers often feel pressure to be the expert of all domains.  Is that feasible?  Neil will share his experience moving from a specialized web developer to IT business generalist.  In this talk he will review some of the pros and cons to each option, and will discuss strategic career planning.
7:00 PM  Forensic Science: Education and Employment, C. Ken Williams, M.S., J.D., Assistant Laboratory Director, New Jersey State Police North Regional Laboratory
                  This session will provide a little insight in the fascinating world of Forensic Science.  An emphasis will be placed on the educational requirements and possible career choices.  A portion of the session will also address a few of the myths associated with the C.S.I. Effect.
8:00 PM  The Exquisite Joy of Creating Amazing Code, David Thielen, CTO and Founder, Windward Studios
Most programmers would be programming even if it paid minimum wage. Why? David will dive into what makes creating software so compelling. In this talk he will dive into the collaborative nature of software development, the power in working with others who are as talented and driven, and the many facets of the job. David will also talk about code wars and hackathons, events that are so much fun that students give up a weekend of partying to work together and write an app.
Colleges with robust STEM programs from across the country will have admissions representatives available to chat live with interested students. Participating colleges include:
American University in Kosovo
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Oregon Institute of Technology
CUNY, Hunter College
Philadelphia University
DePaul University
Platt College
Dillard University
Roger Williams University
Florida A&M University
Saint Louis University
Frostburg State University
SUNY, College at Brockport
Grove City College
Temple School of Pharmacy
Heidelberg University
Texas Tech University
Indiana Tech
University of Advancing Technology
Iowa Lakes Community College
University of Notre Dame
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
University of the Sciences In Philadelphia
Keiser University
University of Tulsa
Lawrence Technological University
University of West Georgia
Lipscomb University
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Michigan Technological University
USMA West Point
North Carolina A&T State University
Utah Valley University
North Carolina State University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Norwich University
Yale University
Oklahoma State University
Youngstown State University
To register at no cost, please visit CollegeWeekLive.
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