Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Competition from the AICPA: Clearly Pretty Awesome

StartHereGoPlaces.com, the site providing everything high school students need to know about careers as a Certified Public Accountant, has just launched the Clearly Pretty Awesome Competition . How does it live up to its name? By challenging students to come up with the crummiest, funniest "C-P-A" jobs imaginable (think "Curb Paint Applicator" or "Cheese Pastry Auctioneer") and using the winning entry in a national ad campaign.

It works like this: Once students have conjured up their unsavory acronym, they’ll add a one-line explanation of why the job they invented pales in comparison to the real thing. They then submit the whole entry on the site in order to win. And they’ll want to – first place receives a laptop, plus $3,000 awarded on behalf of the student to their school. The AICPA will also feature the winning entry as part of its upcoming national ad campaign, and even print up posters for display on the school campus.

So if you've got some creatively-minded students – especially ones with an interest in careers in accounting – tell them about this opportunity. After all, every student seems to want a laptop, and what school wouldn't appreciate a $3,000 contribution to use for supplies, resources or other education-related initiatives?

Visit the site at  StartHereGoPlaces.com/competition for full details on the competition, but don’t delay – the entry deadline is November 17!

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