Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pine Manor College and the ESL Student

Pine Manor can help prepare students for a successful college career even though English is not their first language?

This unique and supportive program is offered to eligible female ESL students who are motivated to achieve a four year college degree.

Pine Manor College (PMC) was once known as an elite private women’s college in Chestnut Hill, but in the past 10 years PMC has taken on a new image by providing quality education to a diverse and underserved population. Tuition was reduced by 34% and financial aid was increased. For 5 consecutive years, US News and World Report cites Pine Manor College as the most diverse, private women’s college in the country. The mission statement of the College “Pine Manor is dedicated to preparing women for lives of inclusive leadership and social responsibility…” reflects the huge commitment this college has to offering an affordable and personalized education to women.

A few years ago, the Enhanced First Year Program (EFY) was started as a building block for international students who lacked English proficiency but had strong academic potential to mainstream into a full academic college program. What makes this program unique is college credit is given for the two intensive English classes required in the freshman year so that even nonnative speakers have the opportunity to complete a full college program in four years. Many support vehicles are in place for students to succeed. ESL awareness training was offered to professors who would later serve as academic advisors. A student mentorship (big sister) program was initiated to help with new students’ adjustment. Moreover, individual and group tutoring is an integral part of each EFY student’s progress. Small classes, close monitoring and tutoring, allow EFY students to be successful. In fact, 75% of our students completed their freshman year with averages above 3.0 GPA.

Last year it was decided to expand the EFY program to include domestic ESL students for whom English is not their primary language. This expansion opened the door for many women to attend a private four year institution as an alternative to large community colleges or no college at all. Due to EFY’s success, we are promoting this opportunity to our ever-expanding ESL network. We believe Pine Manor’s commitment to a quality and affordable education, leadership mission, and specialized Enhanced First Year program will make it possible for these young women to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

If you are interested in learning more about this unique and supportive program, please contact Pam Palmer, EFY Coordinator or Janna Spinazola, Director of International Admissions at .

Upcoming Pine Manor Events for more EFY information:
PMC Open House, Saturday November 15th, 12:00PM – 3:30PM
EFY Day, Thursday December 4th, 10:00AM – 1:00PM

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